Mac OS 10.7 Lion Coming Sunday?

This weekend is going to be a busy one. The NASCAR Sprint All Star Race is tomorrow night from Charlotte Motor Speedway, there’s this supposed “Rapture” bullsh*t going around, and Apple’s 10th Retail Anniversary is this weekend.

Being that this is a tech blog, Apple’s 10th Retail Anniversary is this Sunday. Well, actually no. It was the 19th. But Apple is celebrating it on Sunday. The Twitters have been saying, along with 9to5Mac, that Mac OS X 10.7 Lion will be released on Sunday.

9to5Mac has some evidence of a memo sent out to retail employees informing them that they will be installing Lion on the in-store machines on Sunday or late Saturday night possibly. Could this be?

Some other fun facts about Apple Retail from 9to5Mac:

-Apple employs 30,000 hipsters

-The Apple Retail Store on 5th Avenue in NYC costs $40 Million

-The largest Apple Retail Store is in London, and is 25,000 square feet of floor space.

-The smallest Apple Retail Store is in Santa Rosa, CA and is 540 square feet of floor space.

-Apple has the largest income per square foot of retail space in the world. $4300. Best Buy is ~$872.

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Logitech gets into Tablet Accessories

Logitech just released this. A Bluetooth keyboard / case combination for the iPad. Sources say that it’s:

1) Really great. Comes with a hard-shell case and a Bluetooth wireless keyboard with dedicated iPad shortcuts, like a home button.

2) Really pricey. For a case, that is. Should be between $70 and $100.

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Netflix on Android!

Well, kinda. Google cringed this week when Netflix announced that they would be rolling out their Android app soon, as Google just released their movie rentals service. The Netflix app will be available on select HTC devices very soon. More details on the way.

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Google I/O

Sorry for my quick leave of absence from writing on this blog. I had a free minute, so I thought I would let y’all know what’s going on at this year’s Google I/O convention at Moscone West in San Francisco this week.

There have been many announcements in the past few days from the boys at Google. I’m sure you’ve heard about some of the great new things that are coming soon. Below is a quick sum-up of what was announced.

-Google Music Beta ~ Amazon Cloud Player by Google. That’s all it is. Although, it’s by invite only, and you can have up to 20,000 songs up there for 0 cost to you. But, you have to get an invite, which is tough to come by. Google Music’s official launch was not announced.

-Movie Rentals ~ Who doesn’t love a good movie? Up until now, there wasn’t a good movie rental service for Android, now there is. Head to to browse Android Apps, Books, and now Movies, all in one place.

-Honeycomb 3.1 ~ Adding a few minor updates to the OS. Includes widget re-sizing! Also, you can now use your Android Honeycomb Tablet as a USB host, meaning that you can plug in a digital camera and download all the images without needing a stupid camera connection kit. This was pushed to Verizon Xoom customers yesterday. Other devices coming soon.

-Ice Cream Sandwich ~ Google’s “Unification OS.” Brings all the features of Honeycomb back to the phone.

-Custom Accessories ~ Google is now selling a custom 80k so that you can create your own Android-Compatible accessories! They showed a great demo of a labyrinth board being controlled by the accelerometer in a Xoom.

-And More ~ Check out for all of the details on Google I/O.

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In Case You Haven’t Seen Today…

Windows Phone 7.5 Leaked by Microsoft

Looks like Steve Ballmer is planning on pushing out a new version of WP7 specifically for the new Nokia devices. And get this, they want to call it “Mango.” Copy Google much? “Lets name every new OS after a different food!”

I haven’t seen any noticeable differences between WP7 and WP7.5, although nobody really has. The only thing that would come out of this is compatibility with the new Nokia phones that are launching in the US soon.

Here’s to more competition!

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It’s Official : White iPhone Coming April 27th

Best Buy officials have confirmed that they will be selling the white version of the iPhone 4. They will be selling the elusive device at AT+T stores, Verizon Stores, and hopefully Apple Stores. Pricing models will be the same across the board.

It’s Wednesday, Wednesday, gotta get a new iPhone on Wednesday.

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