iPhone 4: Verizon vs AT+T

I have been an iPhone user since the beginning, and I am quite proud to announce that Verizon and Apple have teamed up to get the iPhone 4 on Verizon’s 3G network. Since 2007, I have had to deal with AT+T’s terrible coverage, although when I did have coverage, it’s wasn’t too bad.

AT+T’s network has been clogged with iPhones since the launch, and the iPhone is AT+T’s most popular phone to this day. My prediction: a bunch of AT+T users who are fed up with poor coverage are going to switch to Verizon. This means that there’s going to be a lighter load on AT+T’s network. I will hopefully have better and faster service when this happens in early February.

Bottom Line: This is a good thing. I think both carriers are going to benefit from this one. Verizon get’s America’s most well-known smartphone, and AT+T gets less traffic to free it up for existing users, providing a better experience. But the company who always wins, is Apple. They have hit a homerun. AT+T users, look for better service soon.



Written By: Taylor Ness

iOS Analyst, App Masters

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