iOS 4.3 Beta 1 – Updated

There are plenty of rumors surrounding the new iOS 4.3 update. It reached developers this past week in the beta stage, and there are some good things to report.


Orientation Lock

The orientation lock is back! You can choose whether you want the switch to be a mute switch or an orientation lock.

Multi-touch Gestures

There are some interesting new multi-touch gestures included with this update. Pinch with 5 fingers from within any application to take you right back to the home screen. You can also swipe up with 4 fingers to reveal the multitasking menu. Swipe left and right to switch between recently used applications. Does this hint that the next iPad will have no home button? Nah. At least I hope not.


Wi-Fi Hotspot

This was announced during the Verizon iPhone announcement. It looks like AT+T is matching the feature!


Both Devices:

Purchased Apps Menu

Just like in the new Mac App Store, iOS 4.3 is expected to have a purchased apps menu, so you can re-download applications that you’ve already purchased. This will be a great way to share apps on devices from within your account.


MobileMe Find My Friends

Nobody really has any idea what this is. But, it appeared in some source code, but it’s worth reporting.


Final Thoughts:

Overall, I think that this is a good update. It’s a relief to have my orientation lock back. That mute switch made no sense, because the iPad is NOT a phone.


Taylor Ness

iOS Analyst, App Masters

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