Game Review: Angry Birds

Greetings everyone! Welcome to our first game review. Today I will be going over a game review for Angry Birds. This has been one of Apple’s top selling games for as long as most people can remember. Produced by Rovio, anyone can purchase this game for only .99 cents in iTunes. In this game, you are given an amount of birds, all of which have special powers, to destroy the green pigs that have taken these birds eggs. Each bird has a different ability:

Red Birds: These birds are basically just a ball. If you tap the screen when they fly through the air, they just squawk.
Blue Birds: These birds are very small. They easily can break through ice, and split into 3 separate birds when you touch the screen.
Yellow Birds: These birds easily can drill through wood, and get a speed boost when you tap the screen when they are in the air.
Black Birds: These birds can easily go through rock, and explode after 3 hits, 5 seconds, and explode, doing large amounts of damage.
White Birds: These birds pack a quite a punch. When you tap the screen when they are in the air, they drop their egg bomb which does large damage in small areas.
Green Birds: Ever aimed at a target but missed? Well with these birds, you can tap the screen and they will become a boomerang and fling back.
Giant Bird: This “little” bird is large enough where nothing will stop whats in it’s path.

With 4.5 out of 5 stars, there is NO way that people can’t get addicted to this great game. More reviews will come out for this game as updates come out. Until next time!

Casey Schmitt
App Masters Game Specialist

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