Reeder for iPad [Review]

Reeder for iPad is an application that I use multiple times a day. It’s an RSS reader that lays out your content really nicely. Here’s a pic:

Reeder for iPad

It syncs with your Google Reader account, so everything is up to date. In fact, you’re required to have a Google Reader account to use the application at all. You log in, then all of your stories, read and unread, download right to your device.

Tap the up and down arrows to skip between articles one by one, or scroll up and down to see a list of titles and a very brief excerpt.

When you tap a link, it won’t take you into Safari, it will open a basic browser within the application, which is very very nice.

You can also star articles so you can come back later to any articles that you like.

It’s an incredible application, and definitely worth $5, which is good, because it’s worth $5.

Written By: Taylor Ness

iOS Analyst, App Masters

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