Weekend Update : iOS

Plenty happened this weekend. It’s Martin Luther King Jr. Day, so yay!

The white iPhone supposedly appeared in some German Apple Store’s inventory list. So, is it finally coming? Who knows. I still think not.

Blackberry Messenger could be coming to iOS and other mobile devices like Android. This would widen RIM’s Blackberry Messenger network, but I don’t think anybody was using it in the first place.

Crytek is looking for iOS developers, so if you were looking for a really good first person shooter for the iPad, just wait. Something is bound to come out of Crytek.

More rumors surrounding Apple and their potential to Qualcomm’s dual chip set for the iPhone have been flying around. Maybe Apple will be smart, and only make one phone for Verizon and AT+T. Although, it would be 100x easier to jailbreak it to a different network, so, maybe not.

Steve Jobs took medical leave again. He got a cold, so he felt like taking a month or two off of work. It’s not like he can’t afford it.

The MacBook Air was named the “Writers Laptop” by Gizmodo. It is pretty light and small, and with a full-size keyboard, you can’t go wrong.


That’s what I thought was interesting this weekend. Enjoy your 4 day work week, everyone


Taylor Ness

iOS Analyst, App Masters

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