Nintendo 3DS, hot or not?

The Nintendo 3DS is about to come out and pre-orders have started but is it really worth it? Many people have been disappointed by Nintendo lately because of competition destroying their gaming model, especially Kinect. Many reviewers agree that comparing the Kinect with the Wii is impossible. Some say that comparing the 2 technologies is like comparing  a Nintendo 64 with an Xbox 360, the technology in the Kinect is extremely refined and looks like something that came out of minority report whereas the technology in the wii is old, inaccurate, and getting extremely out of date. Nintendo has been the leader in adding new technologies to products being the first company to put a touchscreen(sadly resistive not capacitive) into a product and that took off extremely quickly, making some people question as to whether 3D will be the same beast as touchscreen’s and become widespread a year after it’s release.Other reviewers also question as to whether 3D is a viable technology that will go widespread, many people believe it to be just a fad(like the internet). The 3DS from real specifications is also really thick and has a very small viewing time for 3D materials mainly because of health risk but also because of battery life. Apparently the 3DS will suck battery extremely quickly and will have a shorter battery life than it’s predecessors. Although there are many nice improvements like a flat joystick(similar to the PSP), it is hard to tell whether it will be a success or not. Thankfully there will also be internal hardware improvements such as a faster processor, more ram, and a better gpu, but it is hard to tell right now how much better these improvements will be.

Feroz Rauf

Tech Analyst, App Masters

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