Over-The-Air Television on your iPad?

Wouldn’t that be cool? Right now, with the current over-the-air technology, you need a giant dongle for the bottom of your iPad, but I suppose that’s ok if you want to watch some TV absolutely anywhere. It isn’t dependent at all on a cellular connection, so watch away.

Bang. It’s real. This little dohickey is made by Valupus and it’s called the TiviZen, and was shown at International CES 2011[ an actual working model.]

It actually requires its’ own battery to work, so you won’t get much TV watching time out of it, maybe a couple hours.

Service is free, of course. Just a one-time fee of $99 for the hardware, and you’re set. Any station you can get over the air (CBS, NBC, ABC, and plenty others) you can watch.

It will cost $99 and Valupus has not announced a release date.


Taylor Ness, Editor, App Masters

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