Apple Making In-App Subscriptions Mandatory?

According to an article on AppAdvice, Apple will be requiring all periodicals to use their new subscription services. The in-app purchases will be mandated on March 31st for applications like Wired Magazine and The New Yorker. This will be a good thing. It takes the hassle out of opening the application every time, and spending a few bucks a week or month to download a new issue. With the new subscription service, the application will automatically update to the latest version of the periodical, every time you open the app.

The new news application from News Corp. is the pioneer application for this service. The Daily provides a daily newspaper, made especially for the iPad. It’s just $0.99 per week, or $39.99 for a year’s subscription. I think it’s a fantastic deal based on the amount of content your getting.

I can only hope that this will be implemented into something like Sports Illustrated. I have been a paper subscriber for a few years now, and I always feel kinda bad recycling an issue because I haven’t read it, and the news is too old to be¬†relevant. Those magazines always end up in a basket in the bathroom for “library reading.”

Bottom Line:

Apple is making all periodical applications on the app store switch from pay-per-issue in-app purchases, to the new subscription service.

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