Gowalla [App Review]

The popular check in service, Gowalla, comes to the iPhone and iPad. If you don’t know about Gowalla, I would suggest checking out gowalla.com. Short summary: At each exciting location you go, launch the Gowalla application on your GPS enabled device, and tell Gowalla where you are. For example: Bowling Ally, Mall, Movie Theater.

There are 4 main sections of Gowalla: Activity, Spots, Trips, and Passport

Activity – Shows your and your friends’ latest check-ins.

Spots – Lists spots closest to your current location

Trips – There are pre-set trips in Gowalla. If you check in a set of locations (ie. Every Country in the EPCOT center)

Passport – Shows you your information, latest checkins, and awards you have been given for checking in. These awards are called pins, stamps, and items.


I recommend Gowalla if you have friends with iPhones or iPads where you can both check in and see where they are. The only way to follow someone on Gowalla is like the same as Facebook with all the privacy setting on maximum.

The iPhone app is 5 Stars. The only thing that is not well done is the viewing and management of items.

The iPad app is around 3 Stars. It has all of the same features of the iPhone app, but it’s like they’ve blown it up. It’s not optimized very well, and everything seems a little small.

Taylor Ness, Editor, App Masters

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