MobileMe News… For The First Time

For a while now, MobileMe has been kind of a joke. The only reason I’m still subscribed is to get my calendars pushed over the air from my iMac to my iPhone, and it works great! Although, that’s the only thing I use it for. Not worth $99 per year. Apple has two options before they lose my subscription:

Add More Features

A few tech blogs have been reporting a MobileMe revamping with something like a check in service or a streaming service. An anonymous source told Cult Of Mac:

“Apple’s rumored new MobileMe service will combine the e-mail, contacts, and calendar syncing with new social media services, making it a sort of Facebook, Foursquare, Ustream, and Ping Mashup.”

“The service will also reportedly work with a recently patented location check-in system called iGroups. Friends within an iGroup can get automatic notifications when they are within a certain range of each other, and have access to location updates via the new MobileMe homepage.”

Interesting concept. I would give it a shot. My mother would love to know where I am at all times.


Make It Free!

$99 is pretty pricey for the features that you can get in Gmail w/ Google Docs, Calendar, and Contacts. Those are free, and there aren’t ads in there.


Tayor Ness

Editor, App Masters

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