Notion Ink’s Adam tablet

Hello Internet!

Yesterday I received my Adam from Notion Ink. For specific technical specifications go to The model I got set me back $500.

As far as the hardware goes it’s great. It’s made of plastic, yet feels solid. One end is thicker than the rest of the tablet so it’s easy to hold. It has two usb ports that work great with my flash drive, good speakers, and a swivel camera. Really the only thing I don’t like about the hardware is that the capacitive buttons on it aren’t back lit, so you can’t see them when doing something in the dark.

The Adam is running Eden, a highly customized version of Android developed by Notion Ink. At the time of this post their market, Genesis, is not online so any additional apps I wanted I had to find online and download the apk file. This problem should resolve itself soon as Genesis is on the way, and eventually Notion Ink will go through the certification to get the Android Market on the Adam too. I got a third party app store, Slide Me, on my Adam until Genesis comes online.

It allows you to have three smaller apps on the screen at a time, each taking up 1/3 of the screen. I haven’t honestly used this that much, but I have a feeling once Genesis is online and more apps that support having a panel come out I’ll find myself using it more.

The UI sometimes feel slow, unresponsive, and a little buggy, but this is a new product from a new company running a newish OS, things can only get better from here.

Sometime in the near future I’ll post pictures and more details on it.

Derek Gonyeo, Android Analyst, App Masters

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