The Daily: Post Hype [App Review]

If you didn’t know, The Daily is an application for the iPad (other tablet devices coming soon) that is a digital newspaper that costs just $0.99 / week (~$0.14 / day) or $40 per year. It provides a wide range of content. Sections include News, Gossip, Opinion, Arts & Life, Apps & Games, and Sports.

From the get go, if you read any article in the News section, you can almost tell that it was written by a republican. The Daily is run by News Corp., the same people that run Fox News, and the Associated Press, so I’m not surprised at this at all.

The navigation within the app is fantastic. When you open it, the latest issue downloads, then you are presented with a carousel of stories that continuously rotate until you tap on one to view the entire story. Sometimes the scrolling gets a little buggy and slow, but that can be fixed. Get right on that devs!

There are some pretty silly articles in it sometimes. In todays issue for example, there’s a page with an article titled: “Who’s crazier? Sheen vs Gadhafi” There’s also a poll on the page with the option to pick who’s crazier. Very strange article. Once there was a 4 page spread about smuggling un-pasturized milk into New York City. That’s right, 4 pages about milk.

The pricing is Perfect. $40 / year is a fantastic deal for a daily newspaper. I would pay it if they had interesting enough content… And maybe if I couldn’t get the same stories on the internet for free… Not to mention there are still ads within this application…

3/5 stars from me.

Taylor Ness, Editor, App Masters

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