OMG iOS 5!

The rumors are already starting. Every tech website is already talking about what’s in the next major iOS update. Aren’t people happy enough with the new iPad 2? It’s only been 15 days, for goodness sake! I think that maybe the internet is obsessed with Apple rumors. Anyway, here’s what I’ve heard:

-Possibly a more cloud based OS. Several new online services such as iWallet and Shopping apps.

-Online “music locker.” Kind of like a dropbox for your music.

-Location services based around finding friends and family members.

-Extension of the power of multitasking. Some apps don’t support multitasking, Apple may make it mandatory.

-App integration. This would be great for something like the Facebook app. Apps could get access to your calendar and contacts, and you would be able to make basic functions of Facebook like a “Send New Message” button in the contacts / phone app.

-4G Compatibility. Apple’s one of the few manufacturers who haven’t jumped on the bandwagon so far.

Taylor Ness, Editor, App Masters

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