Launched Today

Amazon Cloud Drive + Cloud Player and Firefox 4 Mobile

Amazon Cloud Drive + Cloud Player

I saw this one coming. Amazon’s music service was a little annoying. You could download music files [for a fee of course] then sync them to your mobile device. Now, everything becomes easier with a handy dandy little Android app that lets you stream all of your music from your Amazon account directly to your mobile device without the computer in the middle.

Advantages: Takes up very little space on hard drive, no computer syncing needed

Disadvantages: Need to be connected to the internet to listen to any of your music.

Firefox 4 Mobile

I only remember hearing bad things about Firefox Mobile, until now. Firefox 4 for Android has just been released from Mozilla onto the Android App Market. The browser is supposed to be much faster than Android’s built in browser, but the best part is Firefox Sync. Now, you can send a web page from your desktop to your mobile phone wirelessly. A video and written review of this app are soon to come.

Taylor Ness, Editor, App Masters

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