Play Ball! [MLB At Bat 2011 for iPad]

MLB At Bat 2011 for iPad has re-created their award winning, awesome, iPad application for the 2011 season. This season, has added some great graphical updates to GameDay on the iPad. When you first open the application, you are greeted with the current live games in GameDay mode. Here’s a screen capture of what GameDay mode looks like:

In the middle, you see the batter and the last pitches that have been made. On the left is the “Matchup” window. When open [by tapping the matchup button on the bottom], you can see the inning, count, pitcher, batter, pitches, and information about the last few pitches. There are 4 other buttons at the bottom of your screen: Box Score, Plays, Lineups, and Highlights. When selected, the information slides in from the right side. When you’ve selected the Box Score, you see a very detailed box score of the game. Plays shows you a history of everything that has gone through the Matchup window. It gives a very accurate description of whats going on. The Lineups tab shows you, well, the lineup. Highlights gives you ~1 video clips from the game of exciting moments such as homeruns or fantastic plays.


Also included in this application is a great scoreboard of all the games going on that day, as well as a schedule of future games. For live games, it shows you the inning, players on base, pitcher, batter, Runs, Hits, Errors, as well as the count. For finished games, you get: RHE as well as the WP, LP, and SV. [If you have no idea what I’m talking about, try keeping score of your next baseball game. RHE = Runs, Hits, Errors. WP = Winning Pitcher, LP= Losing Pitcher, and SV = Save.]


MLB At Bat 2011 provides some great baseball news within the app. You get articles about games that had just finished, as well as a video to go along with most articles. There’s other news too like the following articles: “Witness says she say Bonds get injection” and “Rays announce new long-term deal for Davis”


Self explanatory. If you set your favorite team in the settings menu, your favorite team will be highlighted when you’re on this screen. Shows you separated AL East, AL Central, AL West, as well as the NL equivalents.

Pièce de résistance

This app also comes integrated with live audio and video from every baseball game. The audio comes with the app, and is free every game. The video streaming service is not free, but sometimes there’s an free game of the day, but to see all the games, it’s going to cost you big time. Visit for pricing.


There had to be a downside to this application. There always is. This app is $14.99 per season. I purchased this application last year and loved it, but I had to re-purchase this app to be able to use it during the 2011 season. What a shame.

Bottom Line

I rate this app a 4/5 only because of the incredibly high price. It really is the best app for any baseball fan. There is also an iPhone / iPod Touch version of this app, but it’s also $15, and doesn’t have the incredible GameDay view the iPad version has.

Taylor Ness, Editor, App Masters

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