More iOS 5 Rumors

iOS needs a little bit of re-vamping. iOS5 is potentially right around the corner, and we have heard nothing from Apple about the next release. What do the people want? Here’s what the Twitter is saying:

Free Turn by Turn Navigation. AT+T provides this service on some of their devices, and Sprint provides free turn-by-turn on all of their mobile devices. Owning a GPS unit and a Smartphone is not needed anymore with the advances of services like Google Maps.

Better Gmail Support. I wasn’t aware of this issue. Apparently Gmail isn’t fully integrated into the mail app on the iPhone and iPad. I think what the Internet means by this is that they want push for Gmail. Possibly? I have heard many different things.

Custom Notification Sounds. This would be fantastic. You can customize your ringtone, so why not your text tone? Right now, there are a few options for changing the text tone, but you can’t create your own. This would be great functionality.

Better Notification System. There are some great notification systems in the Cydia store, and the default notifications system on Android, I think, is much better than the current notifications system. There are little numbered badges all over my home screen, and it’s annoying. I suppose that’s the point…

Wireless Sync. People have been asking for this for a long time. Ditch that white 30-pin sync cable [keeping it for charging would be a good thing] and sync your music and apps to your computer over-the-air.

Lockscreen Improvements. Cydia is filled with little mods for the lock screen, so apparently, people want some more functionality. Some new functionality might include a new message badge, missed call badge, or the weather perhaps.

Taylor Ness, Editor, App Masters

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