An App Just For Ads. How Very Apple-esk

Yesterday, Apple published their iAd application on the app store. It’s a showcase of what advertisers have made on the iAd program, and an opportunity to view them all. This app is truly for the fanboys and girls. This is the first time I have seen most of these advertisements. Writer at TechCrunch MG Siegler wrote an article yesterday titled: “Apple Finally Figures Out A Way To Get an iAd in my Face. An iAd App.” It’s a great article if you get the chance to read it at

When you open the app, you’re greeted with a carousel of the latest iAds that have been published. You can star cool ones, like the “like” button on Facebook.

Something that has bugged me for a while about Apple’s apps in the store is that they’re not all universal. This app is a great example. Why is there no iPad version of this app? Why is there no native iPad version of the Apple Store App? Slackers.

It’s free for iOS devices, so check it out in the iTunes App Store

Taylor Ness, Editor, App Masters

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