Blogsy for iPad [Application Review]

I have been wanting an app like this ever since I began writing for this blog. It’s basically a wordpress client for the iPad, only 10x better than the one that WordPress made.

Easily create articles and add pictures from Flickr, Google and videos from YouTube. It’s truly a very powerful editor, and the only one for iOS. If you’re a blogger, and using WordPress or Blogger, please check this out.

In fact, I published this post using Blogsy, and it took me less than 3 minutes 🙂

It’s $5 on the iTunes App Store, and exclusively made for the iPad.

Taylor Ness, Editor, App Masters

  1. Hello, I am Lance, one of the guys behind Blogsy.

    Thank you for writing about Blogsy. And we are happy that you are liking it. We are continuing to improve Blogsy so watch for bigger and better things. 🙂

    If you want to vote for what you would like to see added to Blogsy after we have uploading done you can go here –

    A lot of users have told us that our how-to videos really helped them get the most out of Blogsy. The videos can be found here –


    • Lance,

      Thanks a bunch for creating a great app. I write articles for this blog 98% of the time within Blogsy. Best of luck 🙂

      • That is so cool to hear!!!

        Just to let you know, version 1.0.2 will be out next week when Apple approves it. We found a couple of bugs that occur in very rare circumstance. We also made a few minor feature changes. With that done we are back to working on getting uploading out.

        Happy Blogging,

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