Apps for Doctor Who Fans

The new season of Doctor Who premires on BBC and BBCA tonight! I know I’m excited. I have found a few apps for you Doctor Wholigans to try out during the premiere.

Sonic SD – A really fun app. Turns your iPhone into a sonic screwdriver. Use Matt’s current screwdriver, David’s, the future screwdriver, sonic laser, or the 3rd doctor’s screwdriver. It’s worth $0.99 for the Doctor Who Fan.

Doctor Who: The Mazes of Time – BBC’s official Doctor Who game. There’s a really fun story mode where you travel through space and time as the Doctor (Matt) and Amy Pond. For $5, it’s a great game for the iPhone / iPod Touch. There’s also the same game in iPad version (better graphics ‘n stuff) for the same price, but it’s not universal, so you have to buy it twice.

DrWhoGuide – A great app for looking up information about past seasons/episodes. There’s a locations list and characters list in case you have no idea who someone is or you have no idea where Matt and Amy have ended up.

iAmDalek – Another app from the BBC that is a voice synthesizer that turns your voice into a Dalek’s voice. My little sister loves this little free app.

Taylor Ness, Editor, App Masters

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