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Mac OS 10.7 Lion Coming Sunday?

This weekend is going to be a busy one. The NASCAR Sprint All Star Race is tomorrow night from Charlotte Motor Speedway, there’s this supposed “Rapture” bullsh*t going around, and Apple’s 10th Retail Anniversary is this weekend.

Being that this is a tech blog, Apple’s 10th Retail Anniversary is this Sunday. Well, actually no. It was the 19th. But Apple is celebrating it on Sunday. The Twitters have been saying, along with 9to5Mac, that Mac OS X 10.7 Lion will be released on Sunday.

9to5Mac has some evidence of a memo sent out to retail employees informing them that they will be installing Lion on the in-store machines on Sunday or late Saturday night possibly. Could this be?

Some other fun facts about Apple Retail from 9to5Mac:

-Apple employs 30,000 hipsters

-The Apple Retail Store on 5th Avenue in NYC costs $40 Million

-The largest Apple Retail Store is in London, and is 25,000 square feet of floor space.

-The smallest Apple Retail Store is in Santa Rosa, CA and is 540 square feet of floor space.

-Apple has the largest income per square foot of retail space in the world. $4300. Best Buy is ~$872.

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In Case You Haven’t Seen Today…

It’s Official : White iPhone Coming April 27th

Best Buy officials have confirmed that they will be selling the white version of the iPhone 4. They will be selling the elusive device at AT+T stores, Verizon Stores, and hopefully Apple Stores. Pricing models will be the same across the board.

It’s Wednesday, Wednesday, gotta get a new iPhone on Wednesday.

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White iPhone 4 is Finally On Its Way.

The illustrious white iPhone 4 has been desired by iPhone users all around the world since the launch of the product. 9 months after the launch of the black iPhone 4, Apple has confirmed that they are creating the white model, says many news sources. What does this mean? Well, it means two things:

1) You no longer have to buy a mod kit to get a white iPhone

2) Will there be an iPhone 5? I think not. If Apple’s rolling out a new iPhone model soon, there’s a very low likelihood that there will be a new model late June.

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President Obama has an iPad

In his interview at Univision, the President of the United States proclaimed that he loves his iPad. He also has a blackberry to tether his connection. He also said that it’s annoying to have to tether the two devices together, so maybe a 3G iPad is in President Obama’s future.

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Siri Assistant gets iOS 5 Integration?

This is one of the more interesting rumors I’ve heard. The popular iPhone application, Siri Assistant, is rumored to be fully integrated with iOS 5.

The Siri Assistant application is pretty cool. When you launch it, just type in what you want to know, like “What broadway shows are playing tonight?” and Siri Assistant will let you know. I could see this feature fully integrated into the maps app, making it easier to find exactly what your looking for, where and when.

If this integration rumor is true, I expect a demo from Steve or Tim on June 6th at the WWDC conference in San Fran.

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WWDC 2011 is Announced [Updated]

Today, Apple announced that their annual World-Wide Developers Conference at San Francisco’s Moscone West Center starting on June 5th. Steve’s keynote will be on June 6th, though. What could this keynote be about? The next-gen iPhone, of course! The best rumors should be starting to surface right around now as the hype gets higher and higher. Many bloggers, including myself, seem to think that the next-gen iPhone will be a minor update. iPhone 4GS perhaps? Only Steve Knows.

This year’s conference has already sold out. Less than 24 hours since tickets went on sale. Apple could have their own event the size of CES and you know hundreds of thousands of people would come.

Apple’s tagline for the event is: Get a Special Sneak-Preview of the Future of iOS and Mac OS X, so possibly the introduction of OS 10.7 Lion? I would love to see that. I have been using the dev. preview of Lion, and I’ve been loving it. Can’t wait for the full version to become available to the public.

**This year’s conference sold out in 10 hours.

Taylor Ness, Editor, App Masters

Learn more about WWDC 2011 here: