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Google I/O

Sorry for my quick leave of absence from writing on this blog. I had a free minute, so I thought I would let y’all know what’s going on at this year’s Google I/O convention at Moscone West in San Francisco this week.

There have been many announcements in the past few days from the boys at Google. I’m sure you’ve heard about some of the great new things that are coming soon. Below is a quick sum-up of what was announced.

-Google Music Beta ~ Amazon Cloud Player by Google. That’s all it is. Although, it’s by invite only, and you can have up to 20,000 songs up there for 0 cost to you. But, you have to get an invite, which is tough to come by. Google Music’s official launch was not announced.

-Movie Rentals ~ Who doesn’t love a good movie? Up until now, there wasn’t a good movie rental service for Android, now there is. Head to to browse Android Apps, Books, and now Movies, all in one place.

-Honeycomb 3.1 ~ Adding a few minor updates to the OS. Includes widget re-sizing! Also, you can now use your Android Honeycomb Tablet as a USB host, meaning that you can plug in a digital camera and download all the images without needing a stupid camera connection kit. This was pushed to Verizon Xoom customers yesterday. Other devices coming soon.

-Ice Cream Sandwich ~ Google’s “Unification OS.” Brings all the features of Honeycomb back to the phone.

-Custom Accessories ~ Google is now selling a custom 80k so that you can create your own Android-Compatible accessories! They showed a great demo of a labyrinth board being controlled by the accelerometer in a Xoom.

-And More ~ Check out for all of the details on Google I/O.

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Larry Paige Takes Over Google Today

Eric Schmidt steps down as the CEO of Google today as co-founder Larry Paige steps back into the top spot. Larry is now the CEO and Chief of new product development, which means that there are going to be even more interesting things rolling out to the public quicker and quicker. Don’t get me wrong, Eric Schmidt isn’t leaving Google, he’s just #2 in like as opposed to #1.

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Google Gets Their Feet Wet in Group Texting

In August of 2010, Google acquired a small social media company called Slide. They were developing a social application called Disco, and it’s finally here. [In the app store, the developer is listed as Slide. Interesting…] The application in question is a group texting app where you can set up a group of friends that also have the application and text each other for free.


The application is free, and available in the iTunes App Store. Also check out, which cost the developers $225K

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Congratulations Google, You’re #1 at Everything.

This morning, BrandFinance released their top 10 most powerful brands list:

According to this chart, Google has the best / most branding power on Earth. Google has just barely edged out Microsoft for the #1 spot. Also notable, Apple jumped 12 spots to #8 in the rankings. Ever since they’ve started their “i” device branding, they’ve been climbing the list.

The Biggest Loser: Nokia. From p24 last year to p94 this year. Congratulations on your failure.

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Google Voice + Sprint

Fan of Google Voice? Are you a Sprint customer? Then you’re in luck. Sprint and Google are now offering full integration with Google Voice for smartphones and dumb phones.

What does this mean? It means that you can integrate your existing cell phone number with the cloud. You can respond to text messages, create custom voice mail messages, edit your contacts, and more through Google Voice.

Also, Sprint now offers the Nexus S, Google’s flagship Android phone running Gingerbread 2.3. But here’s the twist; the Nexus S on Sprint supports the nation’s largest 4G network. Sounds like a great deal.

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Another Reason Why Google Is Awesome

In the past few hours, Japan and other Pacific Island nations have been devastated by earthquakes, tsunamis, and massive flooding. This morning, Google launched “Google Person Finder” right here:

If you are looking for a loved one in Japan, please check this website. Google is making their best efforts to help out in Japan.

If you want the best coverage of what’s happening in Japan and in the Pacific Ocean, use the CNN iPhone / Android application. It’s free, and it has live streaming coverage from Japan, specifically CNN International.


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Google is Changing The Way You Browse The Web. Again.

Ahh, the address bar. Everyone who does a lot of browsing the web loves it, but Google is considering ridding of it. Well, not completely. The address bar would only appear when you scroll over a small portion of the window. Google says it will:

“Make Webpages Shine.”

Well, what do you think? Do you type out complex URLs like I do? Or do you click on hyperlinks like mad? I’d love to hear from the readers. Send me an email with your thoughts to

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