A Really Cool Stylus Idea

I was looking around Kickstarter, trying to glimpse into the future of iPad accessories and such, and I came across this fantastic idea. It’s essentially a pen cap, that also acts as a stylus for your iOS device, or any device with a capacitive screen for that matter. It’s super cool, and I WANT ONE!

Check it out here: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/donlehman/more-real-stylus-cap?ref=live


News from the Weekend [So Far]

•Square Credit Card Readers are now available for purchase at the Apple Store. But one might ask “Isn’t the square credit card reader available for free from the app?” The answer is yes, and it still is. When you buy the Square’s credit card reader at the Apple Store for $10, Square will reimburse you $10 when you sign up for the app. This is a fantastic move for the folks at Square, gets them more publicity. For more information about Square’s fantastic service, please visit https://squareup.com

•DirecTV is planning on creating an iPhone / iPad application for streaming all of their channels to your portable device. But, it looks like their running into some trouble with content creators and the streaming, just like other streaming applications like Time Warner’s and Comcast’s. I’m super-excited about this app hitting the app store, because I’m a DTV subscriber. Although, I could just get a Slingbox.

•Would you be willing to pay a monthly subscription to use a Chrome notebook? Looks like Google is getting greedy, and could be asking for a monthly fee to use the Chrome Notebook. This could be a good thing if Google strikes a deal with Verizon Wireless to make sure that the notebook has 3G capabilities all the time instead of just Wi-Fi.

•Looks like TenOneDesign is licensing out their Autograph input application to developers. They’re giving developers the opportunity to capture signatures within their own application using TenOneDesign’s system. I’m sure lots of devs are excited about this one.

iPad Accessories

Taylor shows off some new iPad accessories available at your local Apple Store. Check out youtube.com/theappmasters for more videos!

Apps for Doctor Who Fans

The new season of Doctor Who premires on BBC and BBCA tonight! I know I’m excited. I have found a few apps for you Doctor Wholigans to try out during the premiere.

Sonic SD – A really fun app. Turns your iPhone into a sonic screwdriver. Use Matt’s current screwdriver, David’s, the future screwdriver, sonic laser, or the 3rd doctor’s screwdriver. It’s worth $0.99 for the Doctor Who Fan.

Doctor Who: The Mazes of Time – BBC’s official Doctor Who game. There’s a really fun story mode where you travel through space and time as the Doctor (Matt) and Amy Pond. For $5, it’s a great game for the iPhone / iPod Touch. There’s also the same game in iPad version (better graphics ‘n stuff) for the same price, but it’s not universal, so you have to buy it twice.

DrWhoGuide – A great app for looking up information about past seasons/episodes. There’s a locations list and characters list in case you have no idea who someone is or you have no idea where Matt and Amy have ended up.

iAmDalek – Another app from the BBC that is a voice synthesizer that turns your voice into a Dalek’s voice. My little sister loves this little free app.

Taylor Ness, Editor, App Masters

Easter Weekend App Sales!

Happy Easter Everybody! It seems like developers are in a giving mood 🙂

There are most likely more than 100 popular iPhone and iPod Touch applications on sale, this weekend only.

EA has most of their games on sale for just $0.99

To see the full list of apps on sale, please check out: http://appadvice.com/appnn/2011/04/popular-ios-apps-games-sale-limited-time-8

Taylor Ness, Editor, App Masters

Blogsy for iPad [Application Review]

I have been wanting an app like this ever since I began writing for this blog. It’s basically a wordpress client for the iPad, only 10x better than the one that WordPress made.

Easily create articles and add pictures from Flickr, Google and videos from YouTube. It’s truly a very powerful editor, and the only one for iOS. If you’re a blogger, and using WordPress or Blogger, please check this out.

In fact, I published this post using Blogsy, and it took me less than 3 minutes 🙂

It’s $5 on the iTunes App Store, and exclusively made for the iPad.

Taylor Ness, Editor, App Masters

Apple has finally figured out a way to get you to see some iAds! A Gallery App! [Application Review]

So apparently, this whole iAds thing isn’t doin’ so hot. Apple has created an application appropriately named iAd Gallery where you can see all of the latest iAds that businesses have made. It’s also the only application I have seen with iAds in it; and that’s the purpose of the app.

After opening the application, you’re greeted with a carousel of all the iAds you could potentially (never) see in an iAd-supported application. You can then tap on any of them to see an iAd.

Pretty self explainatory. An app for fanboys and fangirls only.

Free in the iTunes App Store

Taylor Ness, Editor, App Masters